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HUGE NEWS! For the next three days, DEATH MATCH IS FREE! Everyone can enjoy the first Spar Battersea adventure, set in the world of pro wrestling for ZERO DOLLARS! This slam bang thriller has it all: hot babes, weird villains, and hero who won't quit until he finds out who killed his buddy in a wrestling ring. CHECK IT OUT AND SPREAD THE WORD!

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KNOCKOUTS is Available

Yes, it's true! My ebook short story collections KNOCKOUTS: TEN TALES OF FANTASY AND NOIR is available for kindle! Yes, that's Debbie Rochon on the cover! Yes, Norm Partridge wrote the introduction and called me "The Man in the Barbed Wire Straight Jacket!" Yes, I did the rest!

Buy it here and get ten tales of grit, humor and fisticuffs ranging from vampires training humans for pit fights, to the dangers of exploding fat people! It's all there!


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Ladies and gents, this is my first novel, DEATH MATCH!

"A friend’s death at a pro wrestling show sends gutter journalist and punk rock hasbeen Spar Battersea back to the underground of the city to find the killer. Along the way he rams into a washed up grappler deadlier than a snake bite, a dominatrix who dresses like June Cleaver, and the freak of nature who may be the killer, the mime known as Johnny Silent. To get to the truth, Spar will have to contend with each and then survive his very own . . . Death Match!"

 And it's available on kindle. I got terrific blurbs from Scott Nicholson, Ben Thompson, Laird Barron, and, yes, LUCIUS SHEPARD! Check out there words and then give the novle a spin!

I'm thrilled to be launching this series (see my blog for how it got started!). Hope you enjoy this two fisted thriller!


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Two Shots, Both Tasty: Two Sales to Big Pulp

Bill at Big Pulp has agreed to buy two stories from me for his December issue, both have a Christmas theme. Two Huzzahs!

"Port Hope Christmas" is a bitter tale of redemption for a gambling man stuck at a freeway Tim Horton's on Christmas Eve. Oh, and there's a magic polar bear, too.

"Two Bullets, One Shot" is a two-part tale about pro wrestler Keith "The Bullet" Winnick and his highs and lows fighting in and out of the squared circle. I'm stoked about this because I'd never thought I'd sell this one. There's a ghost element in the second part but the first one is pretty much a character driven noir story that might not fare well at genre magazines. Another one of my "too much spec fic/too little spec" stories! Always glad when they can find a home!

And that means, true believers, that I've broken my record for sales in a year. Eleven last year, fourteen this year. And I still have a few contenders bouncing on the ropes, holding on for dear life.

Damn. This feels good.


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Grappling with Grapplers

Despite what you might think, not all wrestling autobiographies are made equal. Most are not written by the wrestler (duh). Most sports bios (in fact, most autobiographies of famous folk) are usually ghost written. Some claim to be written by the star and the writer together. Usually what that means is the writer has to track down, hound, and harass said celeb to get the facts, and then pin them to a narrative that kinda, sorta sounds like the star. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't, and many times neither the star nor the writer are much good at any kind of storytelling.

Long screed ahead!

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Huzzah! "The Night Ol' Jack Came Back" sells to Jack O'Spec

Karen Romanko just notified me she is buying my reprint "The Night Ol Jack Came Back" for her JACK O'SPEC anthology!

I'm just starting to get a handle on the reprint market, but when I heard about the antho, I knew it was a good fit. So how did I come to write it? Time to steal a WAYBACK machine and travel to that dreamy time of yesteryear known as 2004.

I'd been writing for a few years. I was throat deep in grad school. And I'd just found out that, courtesy of overspending in my department (by a very large amount), all courses were cancelled. Including mine. Ten grand vanished and I was unemployed.


I went back to retail to pay some bills, and hunted for jobs everywhere, eventually working (believe it or not) seven jobs while taking a heavy course load. One of the jobs I made for myself was with the Kingston Whig Standard. I'd written freelance articles for chump change for years. Even had a short lived column (as in one column, but that's another story). So I told my editor I wanted to do a serialized story of five installments that ended on Halloween. It would be PG, but spooky and fun. He agreed. And the main editor agreed to pay me 500.00 bucks!

I've not been so well paid for my fiction since.

The result was "The Night Ol' Jack Came Back", a fun YA adventure story set in Halloween, using the history of the Jack O' Lantern, and some of Kingston's more horrific local sites (like the infamous Skeleton Park). That story paid the better part of my rent when I had no more dough and I am absolutely stoked to see it come out in a book. Thanks to Karen for buying the story and giving it a new live.


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Improv and Fast Writing: A Slap of the Obvious

While working on the current novel, something stuck in my head.

I wouldn't say I'm a pure "fast writer", but I do write fast a lot of the time. I also outline, make notes about the story, and do some pre planning so it's not just me fighting the white bull to a capacity crowd of nobody.

But once the story starts up, I basically drive it forward to see where it goes, remember the cool bits from the outline but never being shy of letting a better idea take its place. And in the past two books, cool stuff has come up on the fly. Characters, villains, incidents, turns of plot.

And it reminded me of improv comedy. I never formally studied improv, but I've spent a lot of my waking life telling jokes and stories, going into character, putting on accents, and trying to make people laugh. Generating comedy material from all the comedy shows, sketches, movies, stand up I've experienced, plus all the other weird stuff in my brain. And doing it on the fly.

I think most improv is based on talent, experience, results, and an ability to develop a gag out of the junk in your head (pop culture, history, acting skills, familiar scenarios, etc). Maybe fast writing taps the same system?

Still thinking.

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"Beauty and the Punchline" going to BIG PULP!

More good news on the publishing front. Bill at BIG PULP has agreed to buy my story "Beauty and the Punchline" for an upcoming issue!

This made me grin. "Beauty and the Punchline" is perhaps the nastiest story I've written. A bitter and ugly and weird noir story of comedians, freaks, and gentleman's clubs that I'd originally done for an antho that died before it was born. Very glad to have it survive and thrive in BIG PULP.

And I've now sold as many stories as I published last year. Huzzah! On to new records to break!